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So I'm surfing around the interwebs, finding out some things about Marvel!verse Thor (I still haven't seen the movie, but hopefully tomorrow or Monday). And apparently Laufey is Loki's father in the Marvel verse? And also king of the giants?

Anyway, this interests me because mythologically, Laufey is Loki's mother. His father is the Jotun Farbauti. The fact that Loki is called by his mother's name rather than his father's most likely indicates that she was of significantly higher social status.

Very little is known about Laufey, but it seems most likely that she was originally a goddess, probably one of the Vanir (the fertility gods, more or less - they also tend to have stronger associations with magic). Laufey means something like "full of leaves," while Farbauti means "dangerous striker," that is, "lightning." So Loki is, essentially, the fire that springs up when lightning strikes a tree.

I don't actually expect the comic verse to bear any resemblance to the mythology, so I'm not gonna get all hung up on it the way I might with certain other fandoms that claim to be mythologically accurate. It's its own universe, whatever, it's cool. But, I confess, I am kind of amused that the fierce frost giant king of Marvel is named "Leafy Tree Top."

And also, I now kind of love the idea that Loki's gender-shifting (in mythology canon, of course) is something that runs in the family. The Vanir are probably every bit as awful about it to Laufey as the Aesir are to Loki. It would be nice for them both to have somebody else who understands how they relate to gender, though. Except that, unfortunately, all indications point to Laufey being dead for the main body of the mythology. (Given the imagery of lightning striking a tree, it seems most likely that she died in childbirth.)

tl;dr: The moral of this post is: I think I have just talked myself into a headcanon about Loki's shapeshifting genderqueer mother. Oops?
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Welp I finally saw that Thor movie. And I'mma talk to you about it, but first, there are some things you should probably know about me. 'Cause if you're expecting a balanced account of this movie, well I'm sorry, but you're going to be disappointed. Be warned: you are gonna hear a lot about Norse mythology, as well as the Marvel characters. I'm sorry; I just can't help myself.

So the first thing you should probably know is that I love mythological Loki the most. I know I've mentioned this before, but you don't even understand, internet. If I had to narrow all of the most foundational narratives in my life down to two - two narratives that have been with me for as long as I can remember, that I keep coming back to always, that have pretty much shaped who I am as a person - they would be these two characters/narratives: Persephone, and Loki. I met Loki as a kid, long before I knew words like genderqueer or ambiguity or even trickster, but he caught my imagination instantly. He knew all about the power of stories, and he had a quick tongue and a sense of fun and adventure and he could get out of anything. Loki's defining characteristic is this: when presented with an either/or choice and told that he has to choose, Loki says no. Both hero and villain, both Jotun and one of the Aesir, both man and woman, both mother and father, both human and horse and fly and seal and whatever the hell else Loki wants to be. For a kid who saw herself as fundamentally non-gendered, but who was constantly being pressured to be female (and to be female in a certain way), Loki's ambiguous, gender-fluid narrative was ridiculously powerful. Still is.

What this means, among many other things, is that I can and will love all versions of Loki I come across, regardless of mythological accuracy or actual portrayal of ambiguity. There are more than enough narratives out there that portray him as flatly evil, but whatever, I just reinsert the ambiguity myself.

So pretty much what I'm saying is that this review is gonna be all about Loki. Also possibly about how Odin is the worst ever. Seriously. I once held a contest for myself to see whether Zeus or Odin was the greatest tool of all time ever, and it was a close thing, but Odin won.

So, you know, just clearing up expectations. By this point you know whether you want to read this or not.

Probably some spoilers under here. Also lots of feelings. )

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