Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

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No spoilers here, just some general thoughts.

- Gabby Douglas is just stunning to watch. I mean, I will be the first to confess, I know very little about gymnastics (or any sport, really), and the only time I watch is at the Olympics, so my favorites tend to be based not on technicalities but on how much fun they are to watch. Obviously Gabby is incredibly skilled technically, but what I love about her is how she makes it look so energetic, so joyful, so larger-than-life. You almost can't even breathe watching her. So good.

- Also, Diana Bulimar on floor. Just beautiful.

- The BBC's coverage, and especially their announcing, is so much better than NBC's. Just. I'm not saying that BBC's coverage is perfect, because it certainly isn't, but for the most part they seem to steer clear of pitting the women against each other in catty narratives, they don't really make commentary on any of the athletes' personalities, they don't spend endless film time focusing on people's mistakes and tears and upsets. For the most part the commentary sticks to technicalities, and the announcers are frequently complimentary, which is such a nice change from NBC's tendency to spend the entirety of a beautiful routine talking about how the woman in question is usually awful at this, or wtf ever.

Just in general I guess it's a little sad how refreshing it is to finally hear some commentary that is...nice? NBC, why can't we have nice things?
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Browsing through a used book store this afternoon, I decided to take a look at some older books on Norse mythology for the lulz, and came across a real gem.

(It came from this book, in fact, in its original printing.)

In the course of a retelling of the story about the building of Asgard's wall, the author informed his readers that the giant building the wall was doing so with the help of a mare, and that, in order to distract the mare, Loki turned himself into a stallion, and that the other horse gave birth to Loki's son Sleipnir.

Because Loki can be a horse, sure, no big, but GOD FORBID Loki should be a woman, or (horrors!) give birth. We have got to protect Loki's precious masculinity, am I right?

It's funny because I feel like Padraic Colum is going out of his way to "protect" Loki from the accusation of being unmanly, which is basically the Aesir's favorite accusation against Loki in the mythology. 'Cause there's no worse insult than being called female.

Ha ha ha ha fuck you.

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