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I didn't post about the previous set of finals, but really, what was there to say except that Nastia was robbed? Every other Olympic sport allows ties. Why can't gymnastics?

But for today's finals I have these things to say. Under a cut for spoilers.

Men's parallel bars final: So by this point it was pretty obvious China was going to win basically everything in the men's division. So...I kind of ignored them. I know it sounds bad, but really, there was no suspense. And of course they did take gold. But I found the silver and bronze medalists much more interesting.

Uzbekistan for the win! Anton Fokin was amazing. My abiding love for bronze medalists aside, it was just great to see a country that's not considered a gymnastics powerhouse take a medal. And Fokin was just so animated after he finished his routine. :)

Women's balance beam final: Shawn finally got her gold! Way to go Shawn! I have to admit, though, that Nastia was my favorite to watch. She just made it all look so effortless and fluid. Both she and Shawn did beautifully. I kind of feel that Anna Pavlova might have been robbed, though. But Cheng Fei's routine was also pretty great, so it's hard to say.

Men's high bar final: OMG! Jonathan Horton FOR THE WIN! And Fabian finally got his medal! China's Zou Kai took gold, and no one's really surprised there. (Though, once again, I think Jonathan might have been robbed. And Italy's Igor Cassina as well...) But you know, I don't even care about that, because watching Jonathan and Fabian win was just that awesome. And they were so excited for each other! Man hugs! :D

And then they all threw their bouquets into the stands in a fit of exuberance! Most awesome event final ever?

And I thought it was all over, but now the trampoline finals are on too! Most excellent.

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