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First off, happy birthday to [ profile] dagor_hamster. Hope the day has been a great one!

Today my co-worker/boss Jordan set up his brand new iMac. It is a thing of beauty and shinyness. I've been sitting here coveting it all day.

Someday, when I make actual money, I am going to invest in a Mac.

And in other news, the upcoming season looks to be a potentially good one for animated movies. Observe:

First up, owls!

The plot looks okay, but this one is really about the animation, which is stunning. This may be the one movie I spring for in 3D, just for the flight scenes.

Well, that and, as we'll see, I enjoy animated animals that are more commonly regarded as pests?

Next up, supervillains, and the intrepid reporters who foil them!

Given the number of times I have watched this trailer alone, I think it's safe to say this movie should just exist already. Roxanne Ritchi! How can you already be so awesome in only two and a half minutes of trailer?!

And finally, desert animals!

This trailer goes something like this: blah blah chase scene physical comedy blah blah blah STOP! Right there at 1:50! That, my friends, is an adorable little opossum girl. In pig-tails. A little opossum in pig-tails who gives the ever-classic, "You better be careful, stranger," speech. With my luck, this bit of the trailer is her only scene in the whole movie, but I will probably watch it anyway. I have a weakness for westerns, especially comedy westerns.

Also, a very great weakness for cute animated opossum girls in pig-tails.

There's usually a trope in these western stories where The Stranger meets a little boy who is at first skeptical, but ends up becoming his sidekick. It is always a little boy. So! I am kind of hoping Opossum Girl will get to be that character here.

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