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So, you all remember how I had the sudden revelation that the desire of my heart is to see a genderbent version of Sherlock Holmes starring Freema Agyeman as Holmes?

Here are some further thoughts on that subject! With pictures!

So, I tried to find pictures of each actor that would somewhat match how I see the character. It was easier for some than for others. I'm particularly pleased with Adler, Moriarty, and Hudson.

Sherwin Holmes
Freema Agyeman

Frankly, I still like the name Sheila, but as that was universally rejected, I've bowed to the whim of the masses and given her a different name. I tried to follow the same naming pattern as Sherlock, by using a first name that's more traditionally a surname. I did consider Sheridan, which is the most common fem!Holmes name I've seen out there on the interwebs, but I've met too many Sheridans IRL for that to work for me. So Sherwin it is.

Dr. Joanne Watson
Genevieve O'Reilly

I think it's some unwritten law of the universe that, no matter what else you change, Watson must always be a redhead.

Inspector Lestrade
Mona Hammond

I always picture Lestrade as a good bit older than Holmes. Also, a complete badass, no matter what Holmes may say.

Mr. Hudson
Ian McKellen

My vision of Mr. Hudson may or may not be largely based on my landlord in Atlanta. I will reveal nothing.

Mycaria Holmes
Queen Latifah

Yes, Mycaria is more botanical Latin than it is a traditional surname, but I don't care. It seemed to fit. I am also aware that Queen Latifah and Freema Agyeman don't look all that much alike, but then, I've rarely seen a Sherlock and Mycroft that do. And besides...

Okay, let's be honest, I really just want to see Queen Latifah being the British government. My thought process for this casting basically went like this: Mycroft is the awesomest. Queen Latifah is the awesomest. IT'S LOGIC.

Prof. Gemma Moriarty
Helena Bonham Carter

I initially thought of her for Adler, but, as much as I love Helena's amoral characters, it occurred to me that I would really love to see her in the role of the Big Bad. And since Moriarty is traditionally elevated to the role of Big Bad and all around master criminal in all Holmes adaptations, it seemed only right.

Irene Adler
Zoe Saldana

She can't really be the woman in this version, but I couldn't bear the thought of Adler becoming "the man" instead. I adore her far too much as a woman. And besides, you can never have too many awesome ladies.

This Alder has a background as a dancer, rather than a singer, because of Zoe's background in ballet.

Well, internet, there you have it. Feel free to suggest casting for other Holmes characters.

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