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Friday, July 13th, 2012 08:54 pm
fialleril: [someday perhaps I will write that AU about warrior!Sif and fosteredJotunPrince!Loki] (Sif/Loki)
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I return, having had rather more adventures than expected.

I had an excellent time with my sister. We explored a good part of New York, and even some of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and came home with good memories, some little bits of nature, and rather too much mead. (This is a lie. You can never have too much mead.)

We ended the week by inviting one of my friends over for movie night. Neither she nor my sister had ever seen Thor, so we polished off a bottle of mead watching that. It seemed appropriate. There may or may not have been a drinking game involving Odin's terribleness as a parent and as a human being, but the mead disappeared long before we got to the end of the movie. Which was just as well, really, since that last scene between Loki, Odin, and Thor would probably have required the drinking of a whole bottle.

So, it was an excellent vacation. Unfortunately for me, it was followed by getting seriously ill (I had two ear infections, a sinus infection, and bronchitis all at once), so that was no fun.

And most recently, I had some car drama, the long and the short of which was that I now have a new car, because the cost of fixing the old one was more than the car itself was worth. This is not as awful as it could have been, because I've known for a while that I would need a new car, and was already saving up.

Anyway, that concludes this ho hum report of my activities. Next post will be much more interesting: Shakespeare!

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