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fialleril ([personal profile] fialleril) wrote2012-08-11 11:24 am
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rhythmic gymnastics

Just finished the rhythmic gymnastics individual final - what a gorgeous sport to watch!

Pretty much all of the finalists were incredible, and I wish there had been medals for the top five rather than the top three, but there you go.

Big congrats to Evgeniya Kanaeva, the first woman ever to defend her Olympic title in this sport. She was unassailable from the beginning, and it was glorious.

I confess I was really rooting for Aliya Garayeva to medal, because Azerbaijan, and I am always rooting for the countries that aren't the big names in a sport. That, and she was just incredible to watch. But a fourth place finish is excellent as well.

And Daria Dmitrieva's final routine was just fierce. A very well deserved silver.

In conclusion, don't listen to anybody who tells you this sport isn't awesome. It takes so much skill and dexterity and practice and artistic flair. I mean, just check out this badass picture of Daria Dmitrieva with the hoop: