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because I still have HP on the brain

But I am too lazy to write an actual My Thoughts On Harry Potter post tonight. And anyway you can probably guess most of them because I am very predictable with my thoughts and tastes. As only one example, if you wonder about my thoughts on Dumbledore, they are virtually identical to my thoughts on Yoda.

So instead, please enjoy this list of books that would have been infinitely more interesting than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

1. Narcissa Malfoy and the Year of Living Dangerously

(I have shamelessly stolen this title from this book, but see if I care.) Pretty much all I wanted from the last installment of HP was for one of the Malfoys to turn traitor to Voldemort. And if one of them was going to do it, Narcissa was the best and most obvious choice. Lucius was both in too deep with the Death Eater movement, and also a bit too broken after his stint in Azkaban. And Draco was a terrified and traumatized kid. But Narcissa. She's always seemed like the strong backbone of that family, and she has the advantage of being entirely underestimated, both by the good guys and by Voldemort. No one would ever see it coming.

I could see her going traitor in any number of ways, and I would have enjoyed them all: she could have turned spy (with or without the mutual knowledge of Snape? on the one hand, unknowing spies at cross-purposes with each other is interesting, but on the other, they would make a positively epic team, and there is a precedent for them scheming together behind Voldy's back in HBP); she could have masterminded a plot to assassinate Voldemort (along the lines of the plot to kill Hitler, since JKR was so insistent on the Voldemort/Hitler parallels); she could have quietly worked to undermine Voldemort's plans without actually switching her allegiance to any other organization or group (a "Malfoy Manor for the Malfoys" sort of campaign, if you will); or a variety of nuances and/or combinations of all of these. I could also see Draco turning traitor in some way, but only if his mum did it first; he's too terrorized to do so without a catalyst.

Following Narcissa's POV would have brought some desperately needed shades of grey into the story, as well as placing the story's POV firmly in the midst of most of the action (instead of all the interesting things taking place off screen because Harry wasn't there for them). Plus, intrigue! Constant uncertainty! Spy angst! Trusting no one! Family drama! The utter BAMFness of running a campaign right under the villain's nose, in his very lair, with no place to escape to if you're caught, and very possibly no allies! It could have been epic.

As it was, DH gave us Narcissa lying to Voldemort, which was something, but only a pale shade of what I wanted for her.

2. Neville Longbottom and the Underground Resistance

Death Eaters have taken over the school. Children are being tortured. Their teachers are powerless to help them, and they can't escape. But then, a formerly bullied boy finds a way to fight back and becomes the successful leader of a full on student rebellion.

If you have a story like this, why wouldn't it be your main plot?

3. Luna Lovegood and the Case of the Curious Crown

Luna is in the somewhat unique position of being a part of nearly all the interesting action in DH and in nearly all the most interesting places. But, even more than that, my reasoning is this: I not-so-secretly wish the entire series had been about her. I would far rather read the Luna Lovegood saga than the Harry Potter saga.

I've given her this title because I feel that all the Luna Lovegood books would be curious adventure/mysteries, and she would go about solving the Voldemort equation with a good deal of methodical (if entirely indecipherable to everyone else) planning and carefully considered actions. Also, I suspect, significantly less violence and needless death. And perhaps even some genuine attempts at inter-House unity. (Perish the thought!)

On an entirely different note, I am debating whether I should make an actual HP tag, or just stick with "my ongoing Malfoy problem," since that seems likely to be the gist of it, anyway.