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Thursday, December 31st, 2009 10:23 pm
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The long-promised pics from Christmas at home. Yes, [ profile] albumsontheside, that includes the Trek pics.

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Happy new year, folks!
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Or, the promised Halloween pics plus a good bit of unexpected and unwanted drama on the side. Things which have forced me to add "overidentifying with Vulcans" to my LJ interest list in an effort to bring something at least kind of amusing out of the situation.

But first the good things. We had a Halloween potluck at our JV house on Friday, to which none of the people we were required to invite actually came. This was, in fact, not a bad thing, since we didn't know any of those people, anyway. And some folks Amy knew from work and an awesome lady named Adriane who is a friend of one of our support people did come. (It turns out Adriane is a hairdresser and is going to cut our hair for free tonight, so!) Also our other support person, Mary Ellen, and one of her friends. Good times were had. We held a costume contest and gave away some truly awful, glow-in-the-dark pictures of Jesus as prizes. (They were donated to us, but they had to go. It was for the best.)

Under this cut there are pictures! And incoherent asexual rage! )
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So. Christopher Lee was knighted today.

Pretty awesome, yes? I'm sure the proximity to Halloween wasn't a coincidence, either.

In other news, my community is having a Halloween costume party tonight, and I shall be going as a Vulcan. Yes, there will be pics. :)
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My community mate Emily and I were both home sick today, and feeling a little chilly, and somehow, Emily decided to take this pic on Photo Boothe.

I love my cloak, yes.

Also, for anyone who is geeky enough to know the Finnish Kalevala, this is among the coolest things ever:

Star Wars meets Kalevala
by ~avaruus-apina on deviantART

oh hai, I still exist

Thursday, June 18th, 2009 12:26 pm
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Just so you know. Though once JVC starts in August, I will probably become very scarce, as one of the tenets of the JV year is a limited use of technology. On that note, is anyone here interested in being a co-mod for [ profile] neu_beginning? I know I haven't been much of a mod anyway.

I dropped my sister off at the airport today, so now I'll just be hanging out in Atlanta for another month before I take a short visit home, and then it's on to Chicago. We had a pretty great time on her visit, mostly doing geeky things. ;) Although there was that one time where my computer decided to die, and we had to go on an epic search for a new laptop. I was tempted to name my new computer Spock because the search was just that epic, but ultimately I named it Rowena instead. What? I like the name Rowena.

After the Great Computer Fiasco there was the con, which was actually a pretty minor affair, and not terribly exciting. It was a very small and low-key con. But we had fun all the same. I got to wear my Vulcan ears, and I put a couple strands of hair in front of them this time. The president of the Atlanta Star Trek fanclub told me I looked like T'Pring, which I took as the highest of compliments. ;) (Yes, really. I am a T'Pring fangirl. I don't get why everyone hates her - perhaps because she's just too awesome? Someday, there will probably be meta. Also, anyone know where I can find some good icons of her? I'd make some myself, but I have to get photoshop set up on the new computer first. Ugh.)

We also visited the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, of which pictures later (along with a few con pics), once I figure this thing out. Other than that we mostly just had a lot of fun hanging out. Oh, and we did a marathon of pretty much every Worf-centric episode in The Next Generation. It was epic.

I guess I've never mentioned it before on this LJ, but Worf was basically my first character crush. I was very pleased to discover that, 12 years later, he is still one of my character crushes. Ninja!Worf is the best. Also, I now have a rather impressive girl crush on Ba'el (and yeah, there will probably be icons). I mean, I am pretty certain that a half-Vulcan, half-Klingon would be the awesomest thing in the universe, but a half-Romulan, half-Klingon is the next best thing, and it's canon, so I'll take it. (If y'all are confused, you should go watch the TNG episode "Birthright" (parts 1 and 2) right now. It is awesome, I promise.)

And to round out our week of epic geekery, yesterday my sister and I went to see the new Trek movie again. Upon reflection, I think it's now safe to say that the scene between Spock and Sarek towards the end is my favorite scene, although it's a near thing. Clearly, I need a Sarek icon as well.

It's probably unsurprising that, after a week or so of Worf marathon, seeing this movie made us both long for some TNG in Reboot universe. We've even got the story all figured out. Here's how it would go: In Reboot 'verse, the Khitomer massacre would never happen. In fact, let's take it further and say that the Khitomer Accords would never happen, either, so in TNG time in Reboot 'verse, the Klingon Empire and the Federation are still at war. Worf grew up with his parents in the Empire, and is now an officer aboard a Klingon ship, fighting against the Federation. Most of the rest of the Enterprise crew could end up being the same, I suppose. Except that the Enterprise would chiefly be a battleship in this 'verse, so no families. Which means Wesley Crusher stays on Earth. Darn. ;)

K'Ehleyr could still be a diplomat working for the Federation. She could have plenty of conflict because of her dual heritage, particularly since humans and Klingons are at war. (Don't ask me how her parents got together in this universe, but clearly they should, because she is too awesome not to exist.)

And when the Borg invade, the Federation and the Klingons would have to forge a shaky alliance in order to defeat them. K'Ehleyr should be instrumental in forming this alliance, and Worf, of course, would be one of the main players once the alliance was formed. He'd probably end up on the Enterprise somehow.

Also, Ba'el should exist in this universe. How, you say? Well, I kind of like the idea that in Reboot 'verse, the Klingons and the Romulans are actually allies. Crazy, I know. But this universe needs to shake more things up. Also, somehow Ba'el and K'Ehleyr should meet and become friends and do awesome things together. Worf can come too.

Why yes, this hypothetical movie is all about the Klingons.

the secret is out

Monday, June 8th, 2009 07:28 pm
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Sorry for my absence lately. It seems that after graduation I've finally developed a social life. ;)

But I know what y'all really want to hear about is movie night on Saturday, and Crystal's reaction to the Big Reveal in ESB. It has taken me this long to post about it because it was just that epic.

There was literally a full minute of silence following Darth Vader's revelation, during which her mouth was kind of gaping open, and then she sputtered, "Is he serious?" And then she just kept repeating, "What? What? Oh my God what just happened?" I don't think she even processed anything that happened in the movie after that. Neither did I, because I was too busy asphyxiating from sheer joy.

So then the movie ended, and I said, "Well guys, we can schedule another movie night to watch the third one, or..." And Crystal said, "Oh no. We are watching it now." And so we did.

She was similarly shocked by the revelation concerning Leia, and also by the ending. And now she's declared herself whole-heartedly a fan, and wants to watch the prequels for our next couple of movie nights. LOL.

Other geeky things that happened on movie night: We made some delicious stir fry (if I do say so myself, and I do) and had dinner before the movies, during which we discussed everything from climate change to Star Trek. And somehow this ended in John asking me to give a dissertation on Vulcans. And so, naturally, I told them about pon farr.

It was only as I was driving back home that I realized I've told about five people about pon farr in the last week. In real life. I don't know what's become of me.
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Well the Star Wars showing was apparently a great success. Crystal and Lea are both fans now. :D And, even better, Crystal has no idea about the big secret that comes out in ESB. We're going to watch that one on Saturday, and I'm awaiting her reaction like a kid at Christmas.

See, back in the day my dad actually spoiled the whole thing for me before I ever saw the movies, so it was never a surprise. I've always kind of wanted to see someone react cold to the "big reveal," and it seems I will finally get my chance. :D

She's actually seen the new Trek movie, though, so a great deal of hilarity ensued when the Death Star was introduced and then Alderaan was destroyed, and she was like, "Wait, what? Is this deja vu?"

Speaking of Trek, gonna see it again tonight with Lea.

And also, I have this idea. Let me share it with you.

So [ profile] trisfic has already written the definitive fic about Kirk and Uhura becoming BFFs. I figure she's the one woman who's completely uninterested in him, but whom he still very much respects and likes, and once he realizes that fact, she'll probably be his first ever female friend. And, okay, I admit I have a weakness for opposite gender friendship fic.

So it occurred to me that there should really be a similar thing for Gaila and Spock. I mean, think about it. Would they not make the greatest BFFs? She would be always accusing him of being sexually repressed, and he would be always refuting her with something logical, until she catches him making out with Uhura in the turbolift, after which point denying the facts becomes illogical. And they would get together and talk about how ridiculous humans can be, and inevitably these conversations would devolve into discussing ways to prank Kirk. And then Gaila would start an organization for the non-human members of the crew, which Spock would think was frivolous, so Uhura and Gaila would have to hatch a plot to make him show up to the meetings. And Gaila would be always telling Spock ribald stories to see if she could get a rise out of him, but when that gets boring they'd spend hours talking about complex equations, which would end up becoming a conversation about humans and their propensity to the ridiculous, Captain Kirk in particular. And someone write me this fic, please, or I may have to write it myself.

the week of epic geekery

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 03:33 pm
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I find it ironic but not terribly surprising that I seem to have more of a social life with other Candler people now that I've graduated. I suppose it comes of having no school work to get in the way. But whatever the case may be, last night I went out for karaoke. I was actually talked into singing some Bon Jovi as a group song. ("You Give Love a Bad Name" - a great song for karaoke.) And it was a lot of fun.

It's also come to my attention that I have a number of friends who are otherwise geeky, but who have never seen Star Wars! So we are going to remedy that tonight. Or start to, anyway. Naturally, we're starting with ANH.

And then tomorrow Lea and I are going to see Star Trek. I conned her into watching some TOS first, and I think I've already got her hooked on Spock/Uhura before she's even seen the movie. LOL. I am such a horrible influence, but I'm not ashamed.

the ren faire update

Saturday, May 30th, 2009 08:32 pm
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I'm back from the renaissance festival, and I bring pictures!

Things turned out to be even more geekily fun than I was expecting, and I ended up having a blast despite the fact that I went by myself. I met a lot of interesting people, and am now cursing the fact that I lived in Atlanta for two years and blew both of my chances to go to Dragon Con.

Also I...may have bought some Vulcan ears. And there may be pictorial evidence. Oh dear, oh dear.

Here there be photos )
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So I was sitting around my house today feeling intensely bored and thinking that I simply must get out of Atlanta this weekend, or I will go insane. And as I was pondering the various places I could go for a day trip, suddenly I remembered that there is a renaissance festival on!

And as it turns out, this weekend is pirates weekend! Y'all know that pirates make everything better.

We'll see if I can get any decent pictures.
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I'm a little depressed by the fact that no one seems to want to read my latest fic, so I decided to cheer myself up by posting the last of my Disney World pictures.

We'll start with the Star Wars parade and the Jedi Training Academy pics. (Please note: a lot of these pics are better if you view them in full size!)

painted faces on parade )

And now for what I know you've all really been waiting for: the pics from Snigg and Oopla's Hyperspace Hoopla! But first, if you haven't seen the video on YouTube yet, go do so. Unfortunately, the YouTube video is only of the dance off part of the show, but it is definitely worth watching.

Here's this year's:

And, for those who are interested, I also hunted down last year's. (It seems that last year was the first year for the dance off.)

And now, on to the pictures )
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I just dropped [ profile] veriond off at the airport, and now she's headed back home. I'm going to miss having her around. We have over two weeks of vacation together, so now it almost feels weird with her not being here. But we had a lot of fun together, and spent the last couple of days just hanging out, which is why I haven't posted. :)

Now, though, it's time for the first Hollywood Studios Disney post. I have so many pics from Star Wars Weekend that I decided to break them up into two posts. This post contains all of the pictures we took with the Star Wars characters in the park, pictures from the sneak-peek of the upcoming Clone Wars film, and some of the non-Star Wars related stuff we did at Hollywood Studios. The next post will have pics from the Star Wars parade and the Hyperspace Hoopla (aka the dance-off).

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Day three was spent in Animal Kingdom, which was possibly the park that had changed the most from what I remember. When I was there as a kid, I remember it as the most boring of the parks, but this time, we found quite a lot to do, and we probably could have spent two days there if we'd had more time. The torrential rain in the afternoon didn't really help, matters, either...

Anyway, more pictures and highlights beneath the cut. Also, check out [ profile] veriond's posts about our Disney trip! :)

in the circle of life )

And that's all for day three. Next up will be Hollywood Studios and Star Wars Weekend!
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Day Two of Disney was spent at Epcot, that magical place that contains the whole world within its borders. (If, you know, the world were composed of only North America, Europe, and Asia.) There's also a section dedicated to the world of the future, and to past and ongoing inventions and innovations. All in all, it was a pretty good time.

take a peek inside the giant golf ball )

Disney highlights, take 1

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 03:28 pm
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Hey all! [ profile] veriond and I are back in Atlanta. So, time for pictures, and the highlights post. This post is dedicated entirely to the Magic Kingdom park.

Last time I went to Disney World, I was around 12 or 14, and so naturally I was too good for all the kiddie stuff, and spent most of my time on roller coasters. So you know what that means.

Yes. This time around I met characters and rode kiddie rides and generally relived my childhood. It was glorious.

So what were the highlights? Pictures and commentary beneath the cut!

Mickey always triumphs with the power of dreams )
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Hello all! I hope you've had a fabulous weekend! Mine's been great, though not very productive on the schoolwork front.

I met my sister at the Renaissance Faire on Saturday, and we spent the whole day just strolling around and talking. :) It was really great. And now I have tons of story ideas. LOL.

Anyway, thought I'd share some pics with you all. :) I ended up wearing the skirt after all...

Come ye to the Faire )

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