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Birthdate:May 4
Location:Albany, New York, United States of America
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Stats: Genderqueer/non-gendered lady. Asexual. Aromantic. White. Middle-class, college educated, working. Catholic (mostly with a little c) syncretist, with strong pagan elements. Extremely invested in fictional narratives. (Pronouns: sie/hir or she/her.) I try to be a decent human being, and appreciate being called out when I fail.

Fandoms: Norse mythology, Greek mythology, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Thor (2011), Star Trek, Megamind, Malfoys Harry Potter, assorted others. Hate/love relationship with BBC Sherlock (but much more on the hate recently).

Loves: Asexual and genderqueer representation, feminist/postcolonial/liberation theology, tea, pomegranates, old books, linguistics, subversive narratives, dark chocolate, women being awesome, trees, alternative readings, tricksters, women who want revenge.

This is my personal journal, as well as the place I post most of my fics and graphics. You’ll also find a fair amount of discussion on issues surrounding social justice, and the occasional asexual rant.

Friend and defriend at will. If you’d like me to friend you back, though, you should probably drop me a line first and let me know why you think we should be friends.

Interests (148):

a long way gone, aang, abolition of death penalty, alice in wonderland, all loki's children, alyosha karamazov, amateur psychology, ancient civilizations, anti-slavery, asexuality, avatar: the last airbender, azula, bail organa, barriss offee, beowulf, beru lars, biblical studies, breha organa, campus ministry, catholicism, cetai, cham syndulla, character archetypes, child soldiers, christianity, classical studies, concept art, count dooku, darth vader, disney, eastern orthodoxy, eight days of luke, elementary, emmanuel jal, end genocide, end torture, eowyn, fair trade, fairy tales, fanfiction, father zosima, feelings about mythology, feminism, feminist theology, frodo baggins, fyodor dostoevsky, genderqueer, god, goddess, greek, greek mythology, gungan venus, hades, hamlet, han shot first, hermes, hobbits, human rights, icons, imaginary anthropology, iroh, ishmael beah, j.m. barrie, j.r.r. tolkien, jar jar binks, jawas, jesuit volunteer corps, jesus, julian of norwich, kitster banai, ladies being awesome, language, latin, leia organa, liberation theology, loki, lord of the rings, luke skywalker, mai, malfoys, mary magdalene, mary mother of god, megamind, merry brandybuck, mythology, nature, nnedi okorafor, non-violence, norse mythology, nyota uhura, old english, ordination of women, orthodox icons, overidentifying with mythical tricksters, overidentifying with vulcans, overinvesting in mythical narratives, owen lars, paganism, palo gvanish, persephone, peter pan, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pippin took, poetry, post-traumatic stress disorder, reading, religion, religious art, religious syncretism, roxanne ritchi, science fiction, sergio leone westerns, shakespeare, shapeshifters, shapeshifting genderqueer tricksters, sherlock holmes, sherlock holmes: ace detective, shmi skywalker, sigyn, silmarillion, simone weil, social justice, sokka, spock, star trek, star wars, star wars prequel aus, symbolism, t'pring, t.s. eliot, tea, the brothers karamazov, the things they carried, theology, toph, travel, trees, tricksters, u2, v for vendetta, wally west, women getting revenge, women's rights, worldbuilding, writing, zuko
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