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Remember that alphabet fic meme waaaaaaay back in the day?

Found this lying around on my computer and realized I'd never actually gotten around to posting it. It's not the greatest, but I like some things about it, and I don't think I can play with it any more, so - here ya go, internet!

Title: faith
Characters: Cham Syndulla, Gobi, Orn Free Taa
Timeframe: prior to the Clone Wars show
Rating: PG
Summary: In the beginning, he’d believed in a lot of things.
Warnings: References to political violence, slavery, and systematized oppression.
Notes: [ profile] glassapples requested "faith + Cham Syndulla" way back on that meme, so here it is.

faith. 590 words. )
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Wow, I'd almost forgotten I still needed to watch these two episodes. Megamind is more interesting anyway. But since "Hunt for Ziro" goes off line tomorrow, I guess I'll get in gear and watch some TCW.

And this episodes does promised a cracky interspecies romance. We all know how I like those.

Just in case there is someone left on the internet who hasn't seen these episodes and might want to, here is a cut. )
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Because "Assassin" goes offline tomorrow, we gonna do this tonight. So, below the cut are some spoilerific reviews/snark sessions about the Clone Wars episodes "Assassin" and "Evil Plans." With bonus spoilers for "Hunt for Ziro"!

(Spoiler: Already I think that second title is ridiculously lulzy. Whether this is a good or a bad thing remains to be seen.)

Here there be spoilers. )
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Another Clone Wars post. You know the drill. Spoilers, random commentary, maybe some snark, if I'm on form tonight. We'll see.

Also, fair warning for links to the zombie encyclopedia!

Tonight's episodes are "Corruption" and "The Academy."

Here there be spoilers )
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Doing it now because it's probably the only day I'll have time.

Anyway, beneath the cut are some supposedly snarky commentaries on the episodes "Supply Lines" (aka "The Return of Cham Syndulla and Jar Jar Binks!") and "Sphere of Influence" (of which I honestly have no idea what the plot is yet!).

Here there be spoilers. )
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Yeah, I don't know either. I have to do something to keep myself from combusting with excitement.

So there was some new Clone Wars on Friday! I watch it online, though, so it is new today!

And here are some thoughts of mine! )
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First up, Clone Wars.

So there is a new Clone Wars interview/trailer thing here. It's mostly boring and routine stuff with the actors talking about how great their show is. BUT there are a few glimpses of new footage, and one shot that seems to make it pretty certain that Cham Syndulla will actually be back in season 3. Here's hoping he will continue to be the awesomest.

Next, very vague news about the next series of Sherlock:

A press statement from the two writers says, “We’ve been overwhelmed by the warmth of response to our new Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and can’t wait to take them on three new adventures next year. There’ll be baffling new puzzles, old friends and new enemies – whether on two, or four legs. And we might well be seeing the cold master of logic and reason unexpectedly falling. But in love? Or over a precipice? Who can tell?”


My vote is with the precipice. If they have Sherlock fall in love, I think this show will be dead to me. :(

And, finally, a very tiny piece of Korra news from Dee Bradley Baker (mixed in with a bunch of Clone Wars stuff, but whatevs):

Right now (my) kids are working through Nickelodeon’s Avatar series, which I’m very proud of and which – it’s something that’s really important to me: Clone Wars means a lot to me, and Avatar means a lot to me too – I did all the creatures in that. Well, the new Avatar, they put out an audition and they wanted a flashback for the younger Avatar – who is now a girl – from when she was this little fireball five-year-old. I had my 10-year-old audition for it, and it was just two sentences, and, well, my five-year-old said, “Daddy, I want to audition. I want to try this, too,” and so I let her give it a shot. And she booked it. And the name of the series is The Last Airbender: The Journey of Korra – and my daughter’s name is Cora. It was just kind of an odd serendipity. To have her involved, with her playing a namesake, the heroic character of the show, that’s pretty cool. Pretty wonderful.


I am intrigued by this flashback!Korra.
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And it is tailor-made to bring me the lulz.

I mean, I don't know you guys, it's probable possible that I'm just in a weird mood, but I seriously laughed through this entire thing?

The trailer in question, and spoilers for it, under this cut )

clone alphabet fic

Friday, July 9th, 2010 03:45 pm
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Yay, something that's not a navel-gazing Barrie!post. I'm sure you're all relieved.

I finally finished another of the alphabet fic requests, this one for [ profile] starfoozle, who requested "desert + clones of choice."

Title: desert
Characters: Cut Lawquane
Timeframe: Battle of Geonosis
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: military violence and potential triggers
Summary: It wasn’t the war itself that made Cut want to leave. It was the desert.
Notes: Aaand, we're back to the war fics, ladies and gentlemen. With this one, though, I wanted to explore Cut's decision to desert from a rather different perspective. Also, yes, the inspiration for this fic really was the horrible desert/desert homonym pun.

desert. 630 words. )
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No promises that I'll actually finish all the drabbles though. I am the worst sometimes.

Pick a letter and a corresponding word, then name a character, a set of characters, or a pairing. In exchange, I'll write you at least one hundred (100) words of fic! If someone's already claimed a letter, then please pick another.

e g j o w y z

- a | anarchy + Bail Organa ([ profile] selonbrody)
- b | beginning + Frodo ([ profile] glassapples)
- c | curiosity + Anakin and Ahsoka ([ profile] dagor_hamster)
- d | desert + clones of choice ([ profile] starfoozle)
- f | faith + Cham Syndulla ([ profile] glassapples)
- h | haberdashery + Nute Gunray ([ profile] veriond)
- i | in dreams + Zuko ([ profile] albumsontheside)
- k | kissyfaces + Balsa/Tanda ([ profile] veriond)
- l | labor camps + Padmé Amidala ([ profile] ansketil_rose)
- m | mind games + Mai ([ profile] elle_white)
- n | no + Barriss Offee ([ profile] charmisjess)
- p | philosophy + Beru ([ profile] callarkhamquick)
- q | questions + the Mad Tea Party ([ profile] callarkhamquick)
- r | revolutionary + Jar Jar ([ profile] frostbit_sky)
- s | snowball + Anakin/Vader ([ profile] hydrogen_helium)
- t | tea + Shmi and Kitster ([ profile] frostbit_sky)
- u | understanding + Spock/Uhura ([ profile] sunnyskywalker)
- v | veritas + Anakin ([ profile] albumsontheside)
- x | xenophilia + character(s) of choice ([ profile] veriond)

Clone Wars finale

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 12:46 am
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And since I'm on a role tonight, why not! Here are some thoughts on the Clone Wars season finale, plus bonus thoughts on the Season 3 trailer!

cut for spoilers )

Also, this:

Take a hint, George?
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I'm going on a retreat for the ISP staff Monday-Wednesday, so here is your weekly dose of Clone Wars snark a day early! Thanks to [ profile] selonbrody for providing the goods.

And yes, this post is going to be largely about child soldiers. But maybe not entirely in the way you expect.

here there be spoilers for Death Trap )
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Time for another Clone Wars post.

spoilers for The Zillo Beast Strikes Back )
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Another repost from [ profile] swficchallenge.

Title: Mothers of the Disappeared
Challenge 2010-10: Relatives, originally posted here
Word Count: 927
Characters: Shmi, Padmé, Mahtee Dunn, Tal Tal Page, Ahsoka's mother, Barriss' mother
Rating: PG-13
Warning: suicide (highlight to read)
Summary: They were only six women out of thousands.
Author's Notes: This fic references characters and events from the Clone Wars episode "Children of the Force," and may contain minor spoilers. If you don't want to bother with watching the episode, I've provided Wookieepedia links to the characters in question above.

Mothers of the Disappeared )
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This past weekend, I was able to go on the Ignatian Spirituality Project's last overnight retreat for homeless women in Chicago before the end of my JV year. I know I don't talk much about my JV experience on this journal, so here's a bit of a refresher:

This year, I'm working with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, a volunteer agency that gives volunteers the opportunity to live in community and simplicity while being placed at a variety of social justice organizations. In my case, I'm working with the Ignatian Spirituality Project, an incredible program that offers free overnight and one day retreats to men and women who are homeless and in recovery from addictions. I work specifically with the women's retreat program in Chicago, as the co-coordinator for the women's volunteer team and as the main logistics person who organizes all of the retreats. And I get to go on the retreats themselves every so often. They're always incredibly powerful, intense experiences: twelve to fourteen women from four or five different homeless shelters around Chicago gather together to share their stories with each other and find hope and strength through building a sense of community with one another. It sounds so incredibly simple when I describe it, and yet it's genuinely life-changing.

This weekend was even more intense than any of the other retreats I've been on, though.

cut for possible triggers, plus bonus Clone Wars/George Lucas rant )
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As promised, have some more Clone Wars snarky commentaries.

I actually watched the episode "Bounty Hunters" last week with [ profile] veriond, but I never got around to commenting on it, so you get that now, along with our regularly scheduled commentary on "The Zillo Beast."

Are you kids getting sick of these yet?

spoilers under here )
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Yes, that's right folks. I finally found a non-shrink wrapped copy of The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in Barnes & Noble and got to flip through it. And you know what that means. Misery loves company, and I am going to share my disappointment with you all.

The concept art itself is great, as usual for Star Wars. In fact, as is also typical for Star Wars, the concept art is better than the finished product. It's depressing, in a way, to look at all those great ideas and think about what might have been.

Here's what might have been: Dave Filoni's original idea for the show would have followed Ashla, a teenage Togruta padawan, and her Twi'lek Jedi master, a pair who were assigned as undercover agents on a smuggling ship, infiltrating the criminal underground. The rest of the ship's crew would have been composed of a human male smuggler (who looks much like Han Solo in the concepts), his girlfriend (seemingly of an unknown alien species), and their Gungan navigator. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace, etc, were slatted to have occasional cameos, but the focus of the show would have been on the smuggling crew and their two Jedi members.

What happened, you ask? Simple. Dave brought his ideas to George. And George decided that this should be a show mainly about Obi-Wan and Anakin and the battles of the Clone Wars. He did like Ashla enough to keep her around, though, so she became Ahsoka, Anakin's padawan. However, he thought her wardrobe wasn't skimpy enough, and personally insisted on the tube top costume.

Having read all of this baldly spelled out in a book that purported to be in praise of George's vision for the show, I feel I may owe Dave Filoni an apology. I've been blaming all of the epic fail in Clone Wars on him, when really, it seems, the guy to blame is George.

And, ugh, how much would I give to be able to watch Dave's original show idea? A LOT, I TELL YOU. There is almost nothing not potentially awesome about it. Smugglers? Check. Kickass Twi'lek Jedi dudes and their female Togruta padawans running around being secret agents? Check. GUNGAN SPACE PIRATES? CHECK. I mean damn.

I suppose now I will go watch the show that, unfortunately, we are stuck with instead. Expect my commentary to be even more snarky than usual?
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Here, have another snarky Clone Wars review post, for yet another episode that didn't bother to tell us it's a prequel to the movie! In fact, it's also a prequel to "The Hidden Enemy," and therefore technically the first episode in the show, chronologically. You'd have to read the Star Wars website to know that, though.

So, here are some thoughts. )
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[ profile] veriond asked for a drabble about Suu, awesomest of Twi'lek ladies. So, here is a small thing about her.

Title: but love is not
Characters: Suu, Cut Lawquane
Timeframe: set before "The Deserter"
Rating: G
Summary: She wasn’t looking to fall in love.

but love is not. 400 words. )
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This is another Clone Wars snark/review post. Also, my powers of prediction remain depressingly accurate. You have been warned.

spoilers for Senate Murders under here )

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