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Well I did not expect my first Megamind fic to be about Metro Man, but what can you do. Someday I will write that meta about how he is actually secretly awesome and...maybe my favorite superhero? But that day is not today. Today, there is fic.

Title: with great power
Rating: G
Summary: For his thirty-fourth birthday, Metro Man tried being Steve again.
Notes: Mainly set pre-movie, but there are SPOILERS.

Also, I know Metro Man's civilian name in the early script was Wayne Scott, but I kind of hate that script, and since almost none of it survived (thank goodness!) into the final movie, I feel I can ignore it. Besides, I feel strongly that superheroes should have alliterative names. So, his name is Steve Scott. (And yeah, there's a homage in there.)

with great power. 933 words. )
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So I am back in Kansas for the holidays. You know, by the way. And today my sister and I went with one of her friends to see Tangled.

I went in with a lot of really mixed expectations, in spite of the good things I'd heard from folks on the f-list. From the trailers I got the impression that I would really like Rapunzel - I have a tendency to like characters who have been isolated and not really socialized and are a bit naive and generally good hearted, and on top of that Rapunzel is also a lady who wants to go out into the world and claim her own agency and make her own life, which yes, there cannot be too much of that ever, really.

But on the other hand there was Flynn, who came across particularly strongly in the trailers as a Scoundrel With A Heart Of Gold, which is a character type I am...pretty much completely done with. I mean, I just do not care how golden some jerk dude's heart is, I have seen it a few too many times, I am over it. I am also somewhat leery of/done with the evil controlling mother trope. So. I really didn't know what to expect of this movie or my reactions to it.

Overall, I think the pros outweighed the cons. Rapunzel was basically as awesome as I hoped she might be, which went a long way towards making me love the movie in spite of some of my other reservations. And Flynn was not quite as Scoundrel With A Heart Of Gold ugh as I feared. (He still very much was a Scoundrel With A Heart Of Gold, but it really wasn't his story, which helped some. And he toned himself down fairly quickly into the movie, which also helped.)

Some more specific spoilers for the end of the movie under here )
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Just got my Art of Megamind book today (yay concept art happy place!), and this little quote makes me ridiculously happy:

"My back-burner idea for this film," [Director Tom] McGrath recalls, "was the Tesla/Edison story, and how Thomas Edison vilified Nicholas [sic] Tesla. I thought of Megamind as Tesla - misunderstood, yet with great potential. I used some of the Tesla influences in the conception of his surroundings: the Brainbots and the plasma."

I think y'all know my feelings on Tesla. (So many feelings!)

In totally unrelated news, I will finally be mailing out my holiday cards tomorrow! Sorry in advance if you don't get them till January. :(
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Warning: this link contains extreme amounts of epicness, including but not limited to: Roxanne Ritchi being awesome, Metro Man having an existential crisis, Megamind being a giant dweeb, and Roxanne Ritchi being awesome.

Now that you have been warned, here is a sample that doubles as a link.

As soon as I get a chunk of time to myself, you can best believe there will be icons.
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Specifically: Megamind and surprisingly decent Greek mythology based teen lit.

First up, Megamind. A movie I have been anticipating for months! I finally got a chance to see it today, and oh goodness, what was that? A movie that actually lived up to my own personal hype? That was actually as enjoyable as I imagined it might be? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?!

This will mostly be squeeage but here is a spoiler cut just in case! )

And now here's where it gets crazy. You guys remember this amazing discovery of mine? Teen lit about dweeby teenage Greek gods?

So. Uh. I maybe might have bought that book. You know, on a whim. Like you do.

And I maybe might kind of like it.

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First off, happy birthday to [ profile] dagor_hamster. Hope the day has been a great one!

Today my co-worker/boss Jordan set up his brand new iMac. It is a thing of beauty and shinyness. I've been sitting here coveting it all day.

Someday, when I make actual money, I am going to invest in a Mac.

And in other news, the upcoming season looks to be a potentially good one for animated movies. Observe:

trailers and semi-snarky commentary beneath this cut )

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