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I...didn't expect a lot of things in that closing ceremony. (Hell yes, Spice Girls! Eric Idle! Nuns on rollerblades!) But it was a lot of fun.

And really, what a good Olympics. In spite of NBC's fail, in spite of some judging issues and cheating scandals, on a whole, such a good Olympics. The phoenix rising above the Olympic flame at the end was such a good touch.

There's just something really beautiful about seeing people come together from all over the world to share a celebration of things they enjoy and, really, a celebration of humanity. There's a reason this is literally the only sporting event I really care about. And this year was really special. So many epic moments, so many amazing athletes from all over the world.

Such a good Olympics. I will miss it on my screen every day.

rhythmic gymnastics

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 11:24 am
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Just finished the rhythmic gymnastics individual final - what a gorgeous sport to watch!

Pretty much all of the finalists were incredible, and I wish there had been medals for the top five rather than the top three, but there you go.

spoilers for final results )

In conclusion, don't listen to anybody who tells you this sport isn't awesome. It takes so much skill and dexterity and practice and artistic flair. I mean, just check out this badass picture of Daria Dmitrieva with the hoop:

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Is NBC seriously running a fluff piece on Kerri Strug's 1996 team win right now, instead of talking about Gabby Douglas' win yesterday? Are you fucking kidding me?

God forbid we should talk about a black girl winning gold and make it sound like she won because of talent and hard work and determination, because obviously if she won it must have been because of something somebody else did, and hey, why don't we ignore her entirely and spend a huge segment of primetime talking about something that happened sixteen fucking years ago, because at least then the hero was a white girl.

NBC is the actual, literal worst.
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Just. What a stunningly dominant performance. Wow.

Also that men's shotput. Damn.

Make sure you catch these things, if you haven't already! Some really incredible athletics.
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Just watched it live, so spoilers under here, if you're planning to suffer through NBC's no doubt awful coverage tonight.

spoilers! )
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Oh, what a heartbreaking tragedy for Athlete X, who fought so hard but lost and had to settle for silver. She'll be kicking herself for that one. Let's watch a recap of all the mistakes she made. And here, have about five minutes of footage of her tears. What an utterly shattering loss. Terrible, just terrible.


What a phenomenal job from Athlete X! She had a few moments of difficulty there, but she held on and gave it her all and gave us such a great finish. Just really stunning work from X here, and an impressive sixth place. Well done, Athlete X!

Snarkily summarized from a combination of swimming, diving, and gymnastics commentary. But yeah. Pretty much the general pattern overall.
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No spoilers here, just some general thoughts.

- Gabby Douglas is just stunning to watch. I mean, I will be the first to confess, I know very little about gymnastics (or any sport, really), and the only time I watch is at the Olympics, so my favorites tend to be based not on technicalities but on how much fun they are to watch. Obviously Gabby is incredibly skilled technically, but what I love about her is how she makes it look so energetic, so joyful, so larger-than-life. You almost can't even breathe watching her. So good.

- Also, Diana Bulimar on floor. Just beautiful.

- The BBC's coverage, and especially their announcing, is so much better than NBC's. Just. I'm not saying that BBC's coverage is perfect, because it certainly isn't, but for the most part they seem to steer clear of pitting the women against each other in catty narratives, they don't really make commentary on any of the athletes' personalities, they don't spend endless film time focusing on people's mistakes and tears and upsets. For the most part the commentary sticks to technicalities, and the announcers are frequently complimentary, which is such a nice change from NBC's tendency to spend the entirety of a beautiful routine talking about how the woman in question is usually awful at this, or wtf ever.

Just in general I guess it's a little sad how refreshing it is to finally hear some commentary that is...nice? NBC, why can't we have nice things?

Oh. I see.

Friday, July 27th, 2012 08:31 pm
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Haven't been able to find video for most of the opening ceremony yet, but I did see this on NBC's site.

And. Well. If there's one thing I didn't expect to see at the Olympics, it's children being rescued from a giant Voldemort by an army of Mary Poppins clones descending from the sky.

I was not expecting it, but I like it.

If anybody knows a link with better video options/live feed, let me know?
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Getting all excited for the Olympics today, heck yes. And also very annoyed with NBC.

They have all sorts of great live streaming and special video content on their website, but you have to have a TV provider to watch it.

Protip, NBC: I would like to watch the Olympics via your website because I do not have a TV. Therefore, I do not have a TV subscription of any kind. That is in fact why I would like to use your service!

This is both annoying and oddly hilarious to me, because my parents have often told the story of how they bought their first TV, back in the day when I was a tiny spritely thing, for the express purpose of watching the Olympics.

This is a family problem, is what I'm saying.
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I didn't post about the previous set of finals, but really, what was there to say except that Nastia was robbed? Every other Olympic sport allows ties. Why can't gymnastics?

But for today's finals I have these things to say. Under a cut for spoilers.

but I'll probably just talk about bronze medalists anyway )

And I thought it was all over, but now the trampoline finals are on too! Most excellent.
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So the first set of gymnastics apparatus finals happened, and I watched them. Men's floor, women's vault, men's pommel horse, and women's floor. There were... a lot of ups and downs here.

under a cut because for once I may have seen it before most of you )
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The men's 100m final was AMAZING. And for once, I really have to squee about the gold medalist. Jamaica's Usain Bolt (who is very appropriately named, LOL) was so far ahead of the pack that he started celebrating before he even reached the finish line, and it was just so fun to watch. He broke the world record, too, but he wasn't concerned about that, because he'd just won Jamaica's first gold in the 100m. And his mom's reaction in the stands was just great! :D

To top it all off, both the silver and bronze medalists were celebrating like they'd just won the lottery. Most excellent race ever.

Watch it here.
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I just finished watching yesterday's men's team sprint finals in track cycling, in which Britain took gold, France took silver, and Germany took bronze. Really all the winners were awesome. I just love watching teams congratulate and hug each other after the meet/match is over. And watching them hug their loved ones in the stands was wonderful. But once again the bronze medalists stole my heart when one of the German cyclists, after finishing the race, started crying in joy because his team had won bronze.

What can I say? I just love seeing people thrilled and ecstatic over bronze medal wins. :)

Also, on a much more superficial note: Does the German team not have the greatest helmets ever?

I submit to you that they do.

archery time

Saturday, August 16th, 2008 05:28 pm
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Oh man. Did anyone see the gold medal match in men's individual archery? It was intense.

Both Ukraine's Viktor Ruban and Korea's Park Kyung-Mo shot beautifully, and the finish was absolutely down to the wire. Congratulations to both of them!

If you missed it, you can watch the match here.
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The late hour, my complete obsession with Olympic gymnastics, and the sudden realization that Raj Bhavsar looks an awful lot like Kitster Banai has finally brought me to this sad state of affairs.

I'm really feeling the urge to write fic about Kitster Banai the galaxy's hottest gymnast.

I have fallen to new lows, my friends. And I'm not even ashamed.
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The US goes 1-2 in the women's all around! It's Nastia and Shawn, followed by Yang Yilin with the bronze!

I'm only a little sad because I really wanted Ksenia Semenova to win something, and she finished just out of the medals in fourth. But still. That was EPIC.

And I'm so happy for Nastia. She was absolutely beautiful out there, and I was really rooting for her to win. :)

choices, choices

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 09:49 pm
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So I hear there's a new animated Star Wars movie coming out at midnight tonight, or something like that. ;) For all you Star Wars fans out there, a poll would seem to be in order.

[Poll #1242105]
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I just found this interview with Dominic Maurice, a former "Lost Boy" of Sudan and friend of Lopez Lomong. It's quite interesting, and definitely worth the read. Check it out!

The war started and the government mandated that all boys from our tribe be killed...
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Men's all-around gymnastics is LIVE here.

Unfortunately, it seems to be getting a lot of traffic, so expect much annoying buffering... :(
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I'm only just getting the chance to watch the women's team finals in gymnastics, though I already know how it ends, and I'm anticipating all the falls with dread.

But right now I just have to say this. Brazil's Daiane dos Santos on floor rocks my world.

She might not have had the most astonishing technical feats, or gotten the highest score, but her presence on the floor was just stunning. Her entire routine was like a dance, and she never stopped moving. So many of the other gymnasts seem to be just filling space between their big leaping numbers, but every one of Daiane's movements seemed carefully choreographed and meaningful. Her routine was exuberant and joyful and alive, and watching her made me feel all those things, too.

I still don't know much about gymnastics, but I think that's the mark of a great athlete.

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