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Hey folks, I'm back in Chicago. There will be pics and an update about the meeting when I have a chance to post from my own computer. ;)

In the meantime, a poll for anyone who's actually interested in seeing my write a fic commentary, since the answers to the last poll were rather inconclusive, as far as specific fics go. So below is a list of fics I feel I could legitimately write commentary for. You can find all of them on my fic page.

[Poll #1483060]

* An Anabasis commentary would look rather different from the others, since it's a WIP and I don't want to give too much away.

Apologies to Wendy, but I don't feel I can do a commentary on Full of Grace unless/until I finish it. :(
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She doesn't know it, but it is.

[Poll #1482164]

have a poll!

Friday, May 8th, 2009 10:20 pm
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I'm feeling the vague urge to write some Star Wars meta in the near future, but I'm undecided as to what I should write! So, let's make this a democratic process, yes?

[Poll #1397053]

ETA: It should be noted that I will probably write all of this meta at some point! I just want to know what you all want to see first!
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Ugh. I've survived about a week of a low-level flu: just enough to leave me sneezing and spending a lot of time in bed. I'm still feeling pretty down, but I thought I would let y'all know I'm alive.

Anyway, in the course of being sick I missed several awesome people's birthdays. So happy belated birthday to my pal [ profile] niicoly and my LJ-sister [ profile] starfoozle! Hope you both had great days. Feel free to request birthday icons or drabbles or whatever. :)

Also, because I was sick I spent some time vegetating with TV-things. And to my glee I discovered all the old episodes of Disney's Hercules TV show on YouTube. It was kind of epic, and filled me with many geeky mythology related lulz. (Even if there was a shortage of Hades at times, and definitely not enough Hermes. And if those two had ever been together in the same scene, the universe might have imploded from the awesome.)

And so, because I wonder how many people on the f-list are as geeky about mythology-things as I am, a poll:

[Poll #1352804]

choices, choices

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 09:49 pm
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So I hear there's a new animated Star Wars movie coming out at midnight tonight, or something like that. ;) For all you Star Wars fans out there, a poll would seem to be in order.

[Poll #1242105]
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I just received the following review for Clone Wars GI on

"You will be happy to know that you got a new reviewer."

And...that's it.

What exactly am I supposed to say to that? I didn't get a new reviewer because, um...that's not a review. At all.

In other news apparently Lu Ten is more popular than Zhao?
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I'm preparing to do a meta on the subject of Jar Jar Binks, but first, a little research. ;)

[Poll #1155849]

Note: I will probably not be replying to comments, because I want to remain neutral for the purposes of research. ;) But please feel free to comment all the same: I will take responses into account!

to be or not to be

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 12:41 am
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Just for fun, not at all to be taken seriously. You hope. ;)

For anyone who reads Anabasis.

[Poll #1079673]

What do you remember?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007 06:51 pm
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I received this lovely review for the latest chapter of Anabasis over at

So that was how it finally went down between Vader/Anakin and Palpatine. Well, I am glad to see that you showed us snippets of the progression of Vader's rise to the "gray-side" of things. It was also interesting to note Kenobi's "timely" enterance upon the whole affair. Was he merely waiting in the wings the whole time, or was there something else at work?

The question about Kenobi is a very good one, and I'm glad someone picked up on it. But...what in the world is the "gray side" of things? I was unaware there was such a thing, and certainly unaware that Vader had "risen" to it. ~_^ *is confused*

Speaking of Anabasis, just a question of curiosity for anyone who may be following that story.

[Poll #1065581]

Feel free to explain your answer!
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[Poll #1060701]


Thursday, August 16th, 2007 05:18 pm
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For all of my Star Wars loving friends: I'm curious. What does it mean to bring balance to the Force?

[Poll #1040392]

And feel free to share your reasoning! :)

open poll

Monday, August 28th, 2006 09:14 pm
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I get to write my senior thesis in theology this semester. And the broad topic we were given is the following question:

What does it mean ultimately to be human?

So I'm curious. I love questions like that. So I just have to know: what do you guys think? :) Let me know your opinion!

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