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Third of my drabbles for [ profile] frostbit_sky, and this one also got out of hand. I blame tricksters.

Title: normalcy
Characters: Anabasis!verse Anakin, Padmé, and Obi-Wan
Timeframe: AU of Anabasis, set after anything that's happened in the fic so far, but not too much
Rating: G
Prompt: Anabasis!Anakin is released from prison for a day and he and Padmé paint the apartment and cook, trying to have some normalcy.
Notes: Unfortunately for everyone involved, Anakin's definition of "normalcy" includes trolling Obi-Wan. Also, it is worth noting that Padmé may very well know more than she is letting on.

normalcy. 400 words. )
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Second of my five drabbles for [ profile] frostbit_sky. This one got out of hand and turned into a ficlet instead, but in my defense, I don't think I could have done much of anything that made sense with the prompt in only 100 words.

Title: for the sake of ten righteous
Characters: Anakin and Kitster
Timeframe: totally AU, but Anakin and Kitster are in their twenties
Rating: G
Prompt: Star Wars meets Sodom and Gomorrah, as initially discussed here
Notes: For reference, the biblical story is found in Genesis 18:16-33, which you can read here if you wish.
This is set in some sort of undefined AU where Anakin never left Tatooine, and where his power in the Force has apparently manifested itself as a deep connection to Tatooine itself, so he's almost elemental here.
Also, plentiful references to the Tatooine playwright Kanim.

for the sake of ten righteous. 550 words. )
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[ profile] frostbit_sky won a set of five drabbles from me for [ profile] help_midwest, and here is the first! Thanks for your generous donation!

Title: home is where
Characters: Padmé and Sola
Timeframe: after Padmé has been appointed Senator and before she leaves for Coruscant
Rating: G
Prompt: Sola and Padmé sister bonding. You can come up with the story and setting.

home is where. 100 words. )
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Remember that alphabet fic meme waaaaaaay back in the day?

Found this lying around on my computer and realized I'd never actually gotten around to posting it. It's not the greatest, but I like some things about it, and I don't think I can play with it any more, so - here ya go, internet!

Title: faith
Characters: Cham Syndulla, Gobi, Orn Free Taa
Timeframe: prior to the Clone Wars show
Rating: PG
Summary: In the beginning, he’d believed in a lot of things.
Warnings: References to political violence, slavery, and systematized oppression.
Notes: [ profile] glassapples requested "faith + Cham Syndulla" way back on that meme, so here it is.

faith. 590 words. )
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Norse myth fic!

I am pretty sure this is the longest one shot I've ever written. For [ profile] veriond, [ profile] starfoozle, and [ profile] dagor_hamster. Shapeshifting, genderqueer Loki and her son Sleipnir, all in one fic, with bonus Sigyn/Loki UST.

Title: Something there is that doesn’t love a wall
Characters: Sigyn, Loki, Sleipnir, Odin, Thor, Heimdall
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6659
Summary: “I have little love for walls,” Loki says. “They’re meant only to keep what’s interesting out, or worse, to keep the monsters in.”
Notes: Set right after the building of Asgard's wall, and mainly references that myth. With apologies to Robert Frost. Huge thanks to [ profile] starfoozle for the beta.

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall )
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Haven't even started packing for my trip yet, and already I've written a prompt. Wow, I feel so productive.

This is for [ profile] sehre, who requested Hermes, Persephone, and the river Styx. Also for [ profile] yavie_namarie, who wanted some Hades/Persephone where Hades is sympathetic. That may well get its own fill later, but in the meantime this is definitely applicable.

Title: The Cattle of the Sun
Characters: Persephone, Hermes, Hades (Persephone/Hades)
Rating: G
Word Count: 575
Summary: Hermes is a scoundrel, a trickster, and a thief, and Persephone would never want to change that. She is getting tired of the cows, though.
Notes: References are made to a number of myths, but particularly the Homeric Hymn to Hermes. This is ridiculously schmoopy. Also, somewhat dependent on my conviction that Hades is every bit as much a trickster as Hermes, just quieter about it. Depending on your interpretation of the mythology, this might be borderline crack.

The Cattle of the Sun )
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Slowly but surely I'm churning these out! This one is for [ profile] veriond, for the prompt "xenophilia + character(s) of choice".

Title: xenophilia
Characters: Sly Moore/Taun We
Timeframe: between AOTC and ROTS
Rating: PG
Summary: Taun We is like no woman Sly has ever seen before, and she is beautiful.
Notes: Because there can never be enough alien femslash.

xenophilia. 295 words. )

clone alphabet fic

Friday, July 9th, 2010 03:45 pm
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Yay, something that's not a navel-gazing Barrie!post. I'm sure you're all relieved.

I finally finished another of the alphabet fic requests, this one for [ profile] starfoozle, who requested "desert + clones of choice."

Title: desert
Characters: Cut Lawquane
Timeframe: Battle of Geonosis
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: military violence and potential triggers
Summary: It wasn’t the war itself that made Cut want to leave. It was the desert.
Notes: Aaand, we're back to the war fics, ladies and gentlemen. With this one, though, I wanted to explore Cut's decision to desert from a rather different perspective. Also, yes, the inspiration for this fic really was the horrible desert/desert homonym pun.

desert. 630 words. )
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Another alphabet fic at last! This one is for [ profile] veriond, who requested "haberdashery + Nute Gunray."

Title: haberdashery
Characters: Nute Gunray
Timeframe: pre-TPM
Rating: G
Summary: There is no clearer sign of competence than a well-made hat.
Notes: I'm playing with a couple of things here: 1) world-building and Neimoidian culture, in which a person's hat says a great deal about their place in society. 2) clichés! this fic is chock full of them, intentionally, because Nute seems like the sort of character who loves a good cliché. 3) the concept of Nute Gunray as the capitalist ideal of a man who starts from nothing and raises himself up "by his bootstraps" to achieve success.

And now, after an explanation probably longer than the fic itself, here is the actual fic!

haberdashery. 309 words. )

alphabet fic at last

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 10:57 pm
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It seems that all of my alphabet-prompt fics are determined to be longer than drabbles, so it may take me a while!

[ profile] charmisjess asked for "Barriss Offee + no." Anabasis!Barriss seems to be my default these days, and the prompt offered an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

Title: No
Characters: Barriss, Anakin/Vader
Setting: 4 months before Anabasis, in the Jedi Temple
Summary: Set between There Are Things They Haven't Told You and Anabasis proper, this is how Barriss went from treating an unconscious Vader and struggling with her desire to kill him to the conflicted, almost-friendship she has with Anakin in Anabasis.
Rating: PG-13

No )
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[ profile] albumsontheside, I've posted your requested Anabasis Anakin/Padmé damage!fluff finally. It...ended up being more damage than fluff! (I am not surprised! This relationship is so warped. SO WARPED.)

Anyway, it is here! Scheherazade @ [ profile] sw_anabasis
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[ profile] veriond asked for a drabble about Suu, awesomest of Twi'lek ladies. So, here is a small thing about her.

Title: but love is not
Characters: Suu, Cut Lawquane
Timeframe: set before "The Deserter"
Rating: G
Summary: She wasn’t looking to fall in love.

but love is not. 400 words. )
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And more importantly, happy birthday to [ profile] lumy12/[ profile] luminations! Hope your day is wonderful!

I wrote you an Anakin and Kitster friendship drabble. :)

after the race. 225 words. )
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Apparently all I needed to reawaken my muse was some Organa family mush. Who knew?

I claim no responsibility for cavities incurred if you choose to read these drabbles.

[ profile] minusforever asked for "Bail's first trip to Coruscant ever." It's probably helpful to know that, in my universe, Bail Antilles was a nerf-herder and all around country boy before he went into politics and fell in love with Breha Organa (not necessarily in that order).

city lights. 100 words. )

[ profile] sunnyskywalker asked for "Baby Leia knows she's adopted - everyone knows Bail and Breha took in one of the many Clone Wars orphans out there - and she invents stories about her birth parents as entertainment sometimes." This is kind of a twist on the prompt, but hey, it's me!

the storyteller. 109 words. )
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At long last, here is [ profile] lumy12's icon fic about Barriss. Of course it ended up being about Anabasis!Barriss, because apparently that's how my mind works these days.

Title: There Are Things They Haven't Told You
Author: [ profile] fialleril
Characters: Barriss, Anakin/Vader in a coma
Setting: 8 months before Anabasis, in the Jedi Temple
Summary: Barriss is assigned to bring an injured Sith Lord back from the brink of death, and faces a question with no real answer.
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Notes: written for [ profile] lumy12's icon fic request

There Are Things They Haven't Told You @ [ profile] sw_anabasis
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Icon fic for [ profile] zigsternenstaub. I just realized I haven't written FUBAR!Anakin in canon 'verse in quite a while, so hopefully it's not awful!

Title: Fortunate Son
Characters: Anakin, Palpatine, Padmé
Timeframe: Clone Wars era
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 766
Summary: In the aftermath of Hisra, Anakin comes home on leave.
Notes: This story is basically what happened because Clone Wars GI didn't happen.

dulce et decorum est pro patria mori )
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Another icon fic, this one for [ profile] starfoozle.

Title: Really Bad Art, or, The Tragedy of Darth Sidious the Art Collector
Characters: Anakin and Palpatine
Timeframe: ROTS AU
Genre: Crack. Complete and utter crack, with a side of FUBAR!Anakin for good measure.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1111
Summary: Anakin objects violently to Palpatine's choice of art.

Later, they all agreed that it made a better story if truth, justice, and the Jedi way were the reasons. )
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My first icon request fic, this one for [ profile] haydens_angel81. Inevitably it turned into an Anabasis universe fic. This is also something I've been promising [ profile] albumsontheside for a while.

Title: Pomegranate
Author: [ profile] fialleril
Characters: Padmé, Anakin/Vader
Setting: one and a half years before Anabasis, in Darth Vader's apartments on Coruscant
Summary: Padmé makes a decision she may regret. (Or, the infamous how-they-got-together fic.)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: written for [ profile] haydens_angel81's icon fic request

( Pomegranate )
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This is for [ profile] albumsontheside, who needed some cheering up. We were discussing Anabasis!Anakin's likely difficulties with résumé writing, job interviews, and the like, assuming he ever gets out of prison. :P She asked for some crack fic about such.

Well, it started out as crack anyway. It actually ended up with a bit of angst, though, because Anabasis!Anakin takes himself way too seriously, and couldn't manage to do a fic without angsting at least a little. Sabé did her best to bring the lulz, though. And ultimately this is still very much crack.

To properly set the stage for this little bit of crack, I like to imagine that Anakin has basically been lazing around Padmé's house for like six months after getting out of jail, doing nothing all day but watching soaps.

P.S. This is basically unedited beyond a quick read through, so please feel free to point out my fail!

Title: Résumé Building for Sith Lords
Characters: Anakin, Padmé, and Sabé
Universe: Anabasis!verse
Genre: Total crack
Rating: PG I guess
Word Count: 1096
Summary: Uh, see above.

this way to the crack )
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Finally wrote [ profile] sodzilla's drabble from this meme. And once again I failed at keeping it a drabble.

[ profile] sodzilla asked for "a drabble about someone questioning their way of life." It took me forever partly because I had so many different ideas, and it was difficult choosing which one to focus on!

But for better or worse, this is what I went with.

Title: First Do No Harm
Rating: PG
Word Count: 606
Characters: Barriss Offee, Luminara Unduli
Summary: In the aftermath of her first kill, twelve year old Barriss struggles with what it means to be both a healer and a Jedi.
Notes: Since this is set early enough in the timeline, it will probably end up on my Anabasis LJ, too. I think it fits either canon or Anabasis 'verse, so read it whichever way you please.

First Do No Harm )

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