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Browsing through a used book store this afternoon, I decided to take a look at some older books on Norse mythology for the lulz, and came across a real gem.

(It came from this book, in fact, in its original printing.)

In the course of a retelling of the story about the building of Asgard's wall, the author informed his readers that the giant building the wall was doing so with the help of a mare, and that, in order to distract the mare, Loki turned himself into a stallion, and that the other horse gave birth to Loki's son Sleipnir.

Because Loki can be a horse, sure, no big, but GOD FORBID Loki should be a woman, or (horrors!) give birth. We have got to protect Loki's precious masculinity, am I right?

It's funny because I feel like Padraic Colum is going out of his way to "protect" Loki from the accusation of being unmanly, which is basically the Aesir's favorite accusation against Loki in the mythology. 'Cause there's no worse insult than being called female.

Ha ha ha ha fuck you.
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[Trigger Warning for: heteronormativity, heterosexism, asexual and aromantic erasure, slut shaming, gender essentialism, theological abuse.]

I should know better than to read anything on "singles" put out by a Catholic publication, let alone a publication like Our Sunday Visitor. And yet...sometimes I guess I just have to know what I'm up against.

I mean, this is only a tiny fragment of the horribleness:

Although it may be reassuring, in some ways, that today’s unmarried Catholics have lots of company in the single life, it’s also a problem. Never before have quite so many adults, Catholics or otherwise, delayed marriage quite so late in life. Some delay by choice. Others by chance. But marriage is delayed regardless. And the results are often less than rosy.


Even if a nice Catholic girl or boy is found, however, other problems often get in the way of marriage. Many nice Catholics girls and boys haven’t always been nice Catholic girls and boys. Some have made mistakes in the past that haunt them still.

Others bear the wounds of past breakups, divorce or misguided notions about career, family, personal responsibility, the meaning of happiness and the ends of marriage.

- Being single in the universal Church

Click the link if you want to appreciate how truly terrible it is, and commiserate in my pain.

... And people wonder why I'm not "out" in my church community.
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Kansas lawmaker compares rape to auto theft.

Kansas lawmakers are currently considering a law that would bar insurance providers from covering elective abortions — unless a woman pays extra for a special plan. The problem with such coverage, however, is that it forces women to “plan for a completely unexpected event.” The bill “wouldn’t apply to abortions performed to save the life of a woman, or to pregnancies resulting from rape or incest.” However, in the latter case, women would first be forced to file a police report:

The bill would require a police report to be filed if the woman wants an abortion to be covered by her insurance under the incest or rape exemptions. [...]

“You’d have to have a report that someone stole your car,” said Rep. Steve Brunk, a Bel Aire Republican. “This is kind of the same thing.”

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Or, the promised Halloween pics plus a good bit of unexpected and unwanted drama on the side. Things which have forced me to add "overidentifying with Vulcans" to my LJ interest list in an effort to bring something at least kind of amusing out of the situation.

But first the good things. We had a Halloween potluck at our JV house on Friday, to which none of the people we were required to invite actually came. This was, in fact, not a bad thing, since we didn't know any of those people, anyway. And some folks Amy knew from work and an awesome lady named Adriane who is a friend of one of our support people did come. (It turns out Adriane is a hairdresser and is going to cut our hair for free tonight, so!) Also our other support person, Mary Ellen, and one of her friends. Good times were had. We held a costume contest and gave away some truly awful, glow-in-the-dark pictures of Jesus as prizes. (They were donated to us, but they had to go. It was for the best.)

Under this cut there are pictures! And incoherent asexual rage! )
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Star Wars provides fanfic writers with a rare opportunity to challenge the prevailing stereotypes and gender constructs of our modern Western culture. Why? Quite simply, because it is set in another galaxy, one which is "far far away." The people who populate the GFFA are not members of any Earth culture. Quite a lot of them are not even human. Thus, the fanfic writer is presented with the very exciting chance to create whole cultures, new archetypes and modes of thinking, different anthropologies and ontologies.

In light of this, I find several trends in fanfic particularly disappointing, and some will probably even cause me to throw things at my computer screen. ;) I'll mention just a few here, because if I don't limit myself, I could probably go on forever.

[Please bear in mind, these are observations about general fanfic trends. I in no way intend criticism or flaming of a particular author or story.]

cut because I have so much to say )

And now that I've probably alienated more than half of my friends list, I'm off to bed. ;)
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John Donne has just dropped quite a few points in my esteem. Or maybe gained. Because I can't quite decide if he's being serious, or if this little gem is so over the top that it must be satire. Judge for yourselves. (The following is directly transcribed from Donne's Juvenilia: Or Certaine Paradoxes, and Problemes. Inconsistencies of spelling and italics are his, not mine.)


It is agreed that we have not so much from them as any part of either our mortal soules of sense or growth; and we deny soules to others equall to them in all but in speech for which they are beholding to their bodily instruments: For perchance an Oxes heart, or a Goates, or a Foxes, or a Serpents would speake just so, if it were in the breast, and could move that tongue and jawes. Have they so many advantages and means to hurt us (for, ever their loving destroyed us) that we dare not displease them, but give them what they will? And so when some call them Angels, some Goddesses, and the [Peputian] Hereticks made them Bishops, we descend so much with the stream, to allow them Soules? Or do we somewhat (in this dignifying of them) flatter Princes and great Personages that are so much governed by them? Or do we in that easiness and prodigality, wherein we daily lose our own souls to we care not whom, so labour to perswade our selves, that sith a woman hath a soul, a soul is no great matter? Or do we lend them souls but for use, since they for our sakes, give their souls again, and their bodies to boot? Or perchance because the Devil (who is all soul) doth most mischief, and for convenience and proportion, because they would come nearer him, we allow them some souls: and so as the Romans naturalized some Provinces in revenge, and made them Romans, only for the burthen of the Common-wealth; so we have given women souls only to make them capable of Damnation?

Upon further reflection, I think maybe it's satirical. At least, I really hope so.

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